• Seicom Foreign Trade

    Seicom Foreign Trade is a full-service company with over 30 years experience in management of foreign trade, from hiring their purchases abroad, to its nationalization.

    His philosophy is permanently internalize the needs of its customers, satisfying them by providing a flexible, efficient and dynamic service, which guarantees the optimization of time and costs.

    To do Seicom has a team of collaborators led by founding partners, who provide professional advice and personal attention to each and every one of the requirements of our customers.

    All our staff, central and car free zone and our offices are interconnected through a system of mobile communication. Direct and permanent connection to the Maria system.

    We know that today is essential to be in the forefront of technology. www.megaroelx.com www.dreampanerai.com why we make available to our customers a complete system that gives them the right to manage efficiently, dynamic and confidential all information of foreign trade operations in real time and no matter where you are tools.

  • Free Zone La Plata

    We have a fleet of vehicles to transport their cargo. Offices, strategically located for our business. We have covered 24,000 m3 for storage and 3,000 m2 of discovered in Free Zone La Plata.

    Productive area is ideal for storage and distribution center of imported products, located in Free Zone La Plata location. Offering quick response to its customers and distributors; avoiding delays in delivery due to seasonal factors of production and navigation period. It facilitates the delivery Just in Time.

    Reduce the total time of availability of 8/10 weeks at 48 hours. Product for higher turnover. It is a competitive advantage thanks to the constant availability of stock products nationalize. It becomes a marketing tool for your company.



  • Management and monitoring
  • Insurance contracts
  • Hiring of freight
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Document management
  • Logistics and storage
  • Storage charge
  • Repacking, labeling and fractionation
  • Transit, transfer
  • Processing of certificates


  • Customs Clearance
  • Overstock
  • State procedures
  • Royalty payments
  • Maturities
  • Balances imports
  • Subaccount SIM

Rotary lines (54 11) 4361 3220

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