• Seicom Services

    Our service philosophy is oriented to reduce costs and optimize their time in a frame of professionalism, safety and reliability.

    • Manage and track their purchases abroad.
    • Insurance contracts, both domestic and international, and surety to cover different
       customs operative.
    • Recruitment of national and international sea, air and land freight.
    • Customs clearance of import and export.
    • Comprehensive advice on the various aspects of foreign trade.
    • Management of extra-customs documentation before public and private agencies.
    • Logistics and storage with own deposits SILVER ZONE.
    • International Logistics through the worldwide network of agents Trans Continental
       Logistics nv, Belgium.
    • Storage of general cargo on standard pallets and racks in deposits thermal insulation,
       covered 24,000 m³.
    • Storage of dangerous cargoes under IMO rules.
    • Beach 3,000 m² for automores.
    • Storage cage permanently monitored values.
    • Repacking, labeling and fractionation of goods in general.
    • Transit, transfer, and all other negotiations with Customs, dealer and other body public
       and private. Shuttle service approved vehicles and from Free Zone.
    • General and bond insurance at low cost, for different operative Insurance customs.
       Obtainable policies immediately, without preconditions and guaranteed with our
       heritage from the issuing company.
    • Control and monitoring of stock "on line".
    • Processing of pre-shipment inspection certificates.
    • Advice and solutions for our customers benefit from the exemptions and tax advantages,
       customs and tariff that the Free Zone offers.

    Customs Operations

    Through Clients Access, the user can download a complete copy digitized destinations, and view information about each operation foreign trade is enhanced. This system allows us to know instantly:

    • The settlement duties, taxes and duties paid or guaranteed in each operation.
    • The status of each operation and the various steps that are filling.
    • The state of payment of fees, charges and foreign exchange earnings reinstatement of
    • Maturities, downloads and balances of temporary imports of inputs, with details of the
       quantity, value and monitor policies surety involved.
    • Movement of the SIM sub with chronological detail, by ballot or by affectation.

    Consulting customs processes on the web, it is complemented by a system of notices sent by e-mail at the same time the events, keeping customers updated on the progress of its operations occur.

Free Zone


The merchandise enters Zone is exempt from:

  • Customs import duties
  • Perceptions and Excise Tax
  • V.A.T.
  • Statistical rates

Free Zone