• What is a Free Zone

    It is so named to extra-customs territory with unique conditions in tax matters for the entry and exit of products and goods.

    One of its main advantages is that the goods and imported goods may remain in the free zone without limits of time, paying taxes and customs duties at the time of nationalization. Companies can accumulate stock of inputs for production processes, and can also make partial withdrawals of stored items, saving time and storage costs and using the sitema Just in Time.

    For exports the production process can be carried out within the area for which will have the possibility to enter free of customs duties, statistical tax and VAT all the necessary equipment to mount any industry, and providing the necessary inputs from abroad and then proceed to export of finished paying the duty or withholding levied on export products.

    All costs of electricity, water, communications etc. They are exempt from national, provincial and municipal taxes.

  • Advantages for operating in Zone

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Productive Zone

Being in Zone Productive you have the following advantages:

  • Unlimited Withdrawals and income merchandise ????????????
  • Stay untimed ????????????
  • Control and monitoring of stock "on line" ????????????
  • Labeling, fractionation, repacking, division of packages ????????????
  • Ability to make partial withdrawals ????????????
  • Simpler and faster Customs clearance ????????????
  • Ability to re export ????????????
  • Distribution and logistics Just in Time ????????????
  • Security and surveillance 24 hours